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Roof Types In Dayton

Roof systems

Is it time to look into different roof types for new construction or a roof replacement? Prime Roofing is the name to depend on for quality materials and installation.

Our experts at Prime Roofing have extensive experience in repairing and installing all different roof types in the Dayton area. Whether you're interested in the economical asphalt shingles or want to upgrade to a longer-lasting metal roof or roofing tile we're more than happy to assist you.

We offer free estimates and 3D designs to help you choose your new roofing materials. If you're ready to get started just give us a call!

  • GAF Master Elite Roofer
  • Owens Corning Certified
  • Versico Flat Roof Certified
  • GACO Certified Roof Coating Installer

Flat Roofing

Our Dayton roofing company has a long history of providing high-quality craftsmanship and service to our clients. We have the skill to provide complete service for all roof types including all the different types of flat roofing systems. We've assisted many local businesses in the area with their flat roof repairs, maintenance, and inspections for more than two decades.

Metal Roofing

Advancements in metal roofing have come a long way. Today, there are all types of metal roofs including those made of stone coated steel, standing seam panels, and styles that look like architectural asphalt shingles. Whether you're thinking about a slate shingle alternative that's more affordable or are interested in copper roofing or another style we'd be happy to discuss the different metal roof types available and help you choose.

Roof Coatings

Let us know if you're interested in roof coatings for your home or commercial building. All of the roof coatings we use offer hard-working weatherproof protection. They'll shield the underlying roofing system and the building for years to come. Whether you need us to stop the leaks on your flat roof, inhibit rust on your metal roof, or increase your building's energy efficiency, we can offer the solution you need.

Steep Sloped

One of the most significant benefits of steep slope roofing is its ability to shed water, snow, and tree debris. In situations where water is pooling on the roof, it's usually related to the slope. The steeper the slope the more efficient the roof is at shedding and drainage. If you need roof repairs or a replacement for your steep sloped roof contact us today to schedule a free estimate.


The Ohio weather can be harsh on your roof so choosing from among the most durable roof types is an investment you won't regret. Not every roof can handle the weight load of real clay, concrete, or slate roof tiles. In these cases a synthetic roof tile is a better option because it's lightweight and will offer you the same aesthetic appeal and long-term roofing system you desire.

Stone Coated Shingle

Stone coated shingles are the new rave in long-lasting metal roofing shingles in the Dayton, Ohio area. We highly recommend them as an affordable and long-lasting alternative to slate and clay tile. If you're interested in learning more about stone coated shingle roofing for your home we can schedule a free estimate and consultation.

Asphalt Shingle

Asphalt shingles are always going to be one of the most economical roof types for new roof construction and roof replacements. Our experienced roofers can either help you match your existing asphalt shingles as closely as possible or help you accomplish an aesthetic upgrade with architectural designer shingles.

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