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Tile Roofing In Dayton

Terracotta roof

Our experienced roofing company in Dayton installs all residential roof types including tile roofing. If it's time for a roof replacement or you're building a new home in the local area roof tiles are a great choice. There are still old buildings standing at least 100 years in age with the original tile roofing.

The Ohio weather can be harsh on your roof so choosing the durable tile roofing is an investment you won't regret. If you're ready to get started with a free estimate and consultation call Prime Roofing. As a top local Dayton roofer with more than two decades of experience in the industry we can offer you the beautiful and durable tile roofing system you desire.

Free 3D Design To Help You Choose Your Tile Roofing

Not every roof can handle the weight load of real clay, concrete, or slate roof tiles. In these cases a synthetic roof tile is a better option because it's lightweight and will offer you the same aesthetic appeal and long-term roofing system you desire.

As one of the most skilled roofing experts in the Dayton, OH area we can help you determine if a tile roof is right for your home and then help you choose the right style during a free 3D design consultation.

  • Concrete Roof Tile
  • Slate Tile
  • Clay Roof Tile
  • Rubber Slate Tile
  • Antique Shingle Tile
  • Mission Style Roof Tile
  • Interlocking Shingle Tile
  • Spanish Tile
  • French Terra Cotta Tile
  • Composite Roof Tile
  • Stone Coated Steel Resembling Slate & Clay Tile

Benefits of Tile Roofing

  • Incredibly Good Looking and Distinctive
  • Available in a Wide Variety of Styles and Colors
  • Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly
  • Can Withstand Long-Term Sun Exposure & High Winds
  • Improves Air Circulation of the Roof to Shed Solar Heat
  • Insulates & Dampens Sound
  • Needs Minimal Maintenance
  • Repairs are Far and Few Between
  • You May Never Have to go Through Another Roof Replacement Again

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