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Tips On Choosing Shingle Roof Types For Your Dayton Home

Asphalt shingles

Since our winter weather in Ohio can be quite harsh our roofing company recommends choosing a durable roof shingle to protect and preserve your Dayton home. If your roof is due for a shingle replacement this is a great opportunity to consider all the different shingle roof types.

While there's a lot to know about shingle roof types, the choice you make will also depend on your budget, how much maintenance it may need, and how long the shingle is expected to last.

When choosing your next roof type consider the following shingle roof types which are most commonly installed on Dayton homes.

Asphalt Shingles Will Always Be An Affordable Choice For Roof Replacements

High-pitched roofs are common in Dayton because they shed snow and ice better low slope roofs. Shingle roofs are common because they're the most affordable roof type.

Standard asphalt shingles are made with a felt paper base which is coated with asphalt and topped with ceramic granules. They are not asphalt all the way through.

  • Expected Shingle Life: ~ 15 Years, less in harsh winter climates
  • Pros: Affordable, Light Weight, Easy to Install
  • Average Cost Per Sq. Ft.: From $1 to $4 for shingles only
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance required

Fiberglass Based Asphalt Shingles, Still Affordable But More Durable

Instead of a paper based asphalt shingle the base of a fiberglass asphalt shingle is made of fiberglass. Fiberglass shingles are another affordable roof type, are more durable, and will stand up better to our winter climate than a standard asphalt shingle.

  • Expected Shingle Life: ~ 20 to 40 Years
  • Pros: Affordable, light weight, and easy to install, more durable for harsh winter climates.
  • Average Cost Per Sq. Ft.: From $4 to $10 for shingles only
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance required

Metal Roof Shingles Last Longer

A standard metal roof shingle is a great option for any home located in the Dayton area or in similar climates.

While there are high-end metal roof shingles, see next item below, there are more affordable standard metal roofing shingles which are just as durable. Keep in mind that accessories will add to the average shingle cost listed here.

  • Expected Shingle Life: ~ 50 Years
  • Pros: Lasts longer, can often be installed over existing shingles
  • Average Cost Per Sq. Ft.: $7 to $10 for shingles only
  • Maintenance: Minimal

Premium Metal Roof Shingles That Look Like Clay Tile Or Slate

While metal roof shingles look like tile shingles they're really made in panels that interlock together. This construction makes them easy to install and covers the roof better, offering more protection. The fewer seams the better.

Metal roof shingles are made in many different styles. Steel and copper shingles are a very popular option that look exactly like what they are, metal roof shingles. You can also choose metal roof shingles that look like real Spanish tile, slate, or cedar shake!

  • Expected Shingle Life: ~ 15 Years
  • Pros: Lasts the longest, comes in panels that look like real clay or slate tile. Resists hail, high winds, and UV light damage
  • Average Cost Per Sq. Ft.: $15 to $20 for shingles only
  • Maintenance: Next to none
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