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3 Signs Your Commercial Flat Roof Needs Repair

Flat commercial roof

If you own or are responsible for a commercial flat roof you'll need to know how to recognize some of the signs that indicate the roof needs repair. Identifying problems early helps you to avoid extensive roof damage. Unfortunately roof damage isn't always easy to see especially if you're not trained or experienced to identify problems.

As a Dayton roofing contractor we'd like to share the following 3 signs that definitely mean it's time to get the roof repairs done.

How To Tell You Have Flat Roof Drainage Issues

Drainage is an important part of a commercial flat roof. This is because a flat roof is very slightly sloped and can hold water every time it rains if the drainage system isn't working properly.

During the next time it rains you can ensure the roof drainage system is working properly by looking for several drainage problems.

If you see signs of the following it's time to call in a roofer who's skilled and experienced in commercial roofing:

  • Rainwater flowing down the sides of the building
  • Rusty looking stains down the sides of the building
  • Water pooling on the flat roof surface (anywhere)
  • Vegetation growing on the roof surfaces
  • Old signs of water pooling look like dirty circles on the roof
  • Gutters missing or damaged

How To Identify Weak Areas On Your Flat Roof

Weak areas on a commercial flat roof can be at risk of a cave in so any sagging areas you can identify visually should be checked out by a licensed roofer. If they walk around on your roof and feel sinking or spongy spots you'll need to get the roof repairs done right away.

Other signs of serious roof problems are bowing, bulging, or buckling.

Checking Seams & Sides Of Your Flat Roof For Aging Or Wear

Some commercial flat roofing systems don't have seams but most do have a membrane system that is lain in strips across the roof. The seams of the strips and the sides of the membrane are two very vulnerable areas as the commercial roofing system ages.

When you're checking for weak areas on the rooftop also look for damage on the seams or the sides along the roof edges. Look for signs that the membrane is pulling apart at the seams or pulling away from the edges.

Also be sure to check the surface of the roof for cracking or abnormal wear. The sealant around the roof projections, like the duct vents or plumbing vents, should also be checked for signs damage. If you notice anything going on or suspect a problem be sure to get the commercial flat roof repairs you need.

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