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Summer Roof Maintenance Tips For Dayton Homeowners

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Preventing roof leaks goes a long way to making your roof last longer. Since summer is underway in Dayton, giving your roof the maintenance it needs now will help to prevent problems and protect your home especially over this next winter.

As a local roofing company, Prime Roofing provides resources, tips, and advice to local homeowners to help them take care of their roofs. With the attention it needs your roof will last longer and need fewer repairs as the years go by. Here are several summer roof maintenance tips we'd like to share with you for your Dayton home.

Yearly Roof Inspections

Most homeowners aren't aware of how important yearly roof inspections are. Snow, ice, sun, wind, and rain constantly affect a roof structure no matter what roof type you own.

If you'd like to ensure your roof stays in good condition an inspection should be done every year just after the snow melts. This is so that you know what type of roof repairs may be needed and can get them done before they get worse.

Additionally, a roof inspection should be done to uncover damage after hail storms or wind storm damage.

Get the Roof Repairs Done

If the roof inspection does uncover damage or defects in your roofing system make sure to get the roof repairs done this summer. The last thing you want to happen is water damage and the resulting mold growing in your attic area. Just a tiny little leak from a simple problem like loose flashing or a nail hole from a missing nail can cause significant water damage if it goes unchecked.

Maintaining the Roof's Gutter System

If the gutters haven't received maintenance yet this year summer is the time to ensure your roof's gutter system is working properly and is cleaned out.

The gutters are an important part of your roofing system because they route rainwater away from the roof edge and siding of your house. If they're missing, damaged, or dirty, make sure they're in place, working right, and ready to perform before summer's over.

Keep the Algae & Debris Off Your Roof

Algae, moss, and lichen are very destructive to a roof and rotting foliage can accumulate and cause shingle damage. It's important to make sure your roof is cleaned regularly and treated with an algaecide during the cleaning. Preventing new algae growth and removing the sticks, twigs, and pine needles or leaves will help to preserve the shingles on your roof.

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